2019 - developing cross-border project for 2020

last update: July 20, 2020

Due to the differences in the national restrictions regarding the COVID19 pandemic, the CAB foundation will not be able to achieve their main objective of this initiative: international art, from outside Zeeland, brought in a pure way, for a large number of people from all walks of life, freely accessible at any location, during the opening hours. of the central exhibition.
This first edition of CABexpo will be moved to October 2022. (Specifically from 21-10 to 30-10)
            Pḧase 5: Art project: Crossing Art Borders (2020)
Phase 4: Implementation (2020) Starting in February 2020 - the registration for the central exhibition is successfully and therefore already previously closed.
            Pḧase 3: Organizing (2019) About this phase, You will find all the new information on www.cabexpo.nl
            Phase 2: Making the content concrete. Search for participating artists - stil on going see http://www.crossingtheborders.nl/kunstenaars
            Pḧase 1: Feasibility is okay, now ready for the next step. (30 April 2019)