On quest in silence.


From the art print series 5 - title: Wasted Energy

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On quest in silence - news about the next series of graphic artworks (n°5) 'Always remain yourself' at the beginning of 2021 

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Garden Tales - Durant Garden Tales nous vous invitons à partir à la découverte des plus beaux – et parfois méconnus – espaces verdoyants de la capitale    Lire plus

Belgian Follies  21.08.20 – 11.10.20 Suite à la présentation de Miscellaneous Follies au printemps 2019 à Kanal – Centre Pompidou, le CIVA a décidé de prolonger la réflexion sur l’histoire des parcs à folies et la construction de pavillons, édicules et fabriques au cours du temps. L’exposition initiale se...Lire plus

Take pART-ners wanted
Apply now for Take pART 2020-2021! Are you between 15 and 20 and interested, sign up!
Biennal CABexpo 2020
Update: 17 July: Due to the differences in the national restrictions regarding the COVID19 pandemic, the CAB foundation will not be able to achieve their main objective of this initiative: international art, from outside Zeeland, brought in a pure way, for a large number of people from all walks of life, freely accessible at any location, during the opening hours. of the central exhibition. This first edition of CABexpo will be moved to October 2022. (Specifically from 21-10 to 30-10)
Update: 9 May International Exhibition Ghent - Terneuzen - 13-11-2020 to 22-11-2020
Monumental graffiti on facades finished.
Adrie Goedendorp (1960 - 2020)
Middelheim Antwerp - LEOPOLD II 1873-2020
The removal of this statue is a fraught and meaningful event, which raises many questions for the museum.
Coen Ringeling wins quarantine design competition 'Zeehond en Zeefantje' organized by Studio Maky from Rotterdam.
The Art Brut Biënnale
has been moved from june to sept. 25 until oct.
International Exhibition Klokgebouw Eindhoven - 12.09.20 to 13.09.20
Royal Academy of Arts - London - 23.02.20 to 20.09.20 -  closed due to COVID-19 measures - Attention: Visiting Britain is also quarantined for two weeks due to Covid-19
7 arts: Belgian avant-garde (1922-1928)
at CIVA Brussels 06.03.20 to 07.06.20 -  closed due to COVID-19 measures
Visiting dates: extended until Sunday, August 9, 2020 - Hours:10:30 - 18:00
  SIGHT SEEING. Die Welt als Attraktion
Due to the COVID-19 measures, the exhibition may be extended until September.
Wie wurden der Eiffelturm, der Grand Canyon, das Schloss Neuschwanstein oder die Stadt Venedig zu „Sehenswürdigkeiten“, also zu einem berühmten Reiseziel, das man einmal selbst erleben und betrachten möchte? Im Wesentlichen durch Bilder.
BOOK: Domien van Parys
ISBN 9789076417264 – D/2017/8746/2
For sale at Publisher ARTE LIBRO - Schellebelle
ISBN 13: 9789076417189
The new vision of the history of art and on the relationship: art and society
      Publications and press articles about my art.
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Welcome to the website of Domien van Parys. Here you can find everything about Domien and his work. You will find text in these languages : English, Dutch, French and German by further scrolling. Of course you can also contact us through this website.
Welkom op de website van Domien van Parys. Hier vindt u alles over Domien en zijn werk. Je zal teksten vinden in volgende talen: Engels, Nederlands, Frans en Duits door verder te scrollen. Uiteraard kunt u via deze website ook contact opnemen.
Bienvenue sur le site de Domien van Parys. Ici vous pouvez trouver tout sur Domien et son travail. Vous trouverez des textes dans ces langues: anglais, néerlandais, français et allemand par une nouvelle défilement. Bien sûr, vous pouvez également nous contacter via ce site.
Herzlich Willkommen Sie auf der Webseite Domien van Parys. Hier finden Sie alles über Domien und seine Arbeit. Texte finden Sie in den folgenden Sprachen: Englisch, Niederländisch, Französiesch und die deutsche Sprache durch weitere scrollen. Natürlich können Sie uns auch über diese Website kontaktieren.